Verona, the City of love

The Scaliger city declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO is an important tourist destination, visited every year by more than three million people due to its artistic and architectural wealth.

Piazza Brà, main square and beating heart of Verona The main square of Verona and one of the largest squares in Europe is Piazza Brà. It constitutes the "entrance hall" of Verona before reaching the historic center of the city. Restaurants, sumptuous palaces and buildings, built during over 2000 years of history, surround the Piazza Brà in Verona. To the north, the imposing Roman Arena towers over the square. To the south is the "Portoni della Brà" arch and parts of the medieval city wall that close the square. Next to the city wall you will find the classic Palazzo Gran Guardia and the archaeological museum Museo Lapidario Maffeiano. In the southeastern part of the square stands the Palazzo Municipale (also Palazzo Barbieri), built in 1840 by the Austrians, that is the town hall of Verona. From its stairs you will enjoy a beautiful view of Piazza Brà.

Piazza dei Signori, also known as Piazza Dante, is a square located in the historic center of Verona, adjacent to Piazza delle Erbe. The square was born in the Middle Ages from the development of the Scaligeri palaces, and from the very beginning assumed political, administrative and representative functions. The square is framed by some monumental buildings, connected to each other by arches and loggias.

Piazza delle Erbe is the oldest square in Verona, and rises above the area of​​the Roman forum. In the Roman age it was the center of political and economic life. The oldest monument in the square is the fountain surmounted by the statue called "Madonna Verona". This is actually a Roman statue, dated 380.

The Verona Arena is a Roman amphitheater located in the historic center of Verona, an icon of the Venetian city together with the figures of Romeo and Juliet. It is one of the large buildings that have characterized Roman play architecture and is the ancient amphitheater with the best degree of conservation, thanks to the systematic restorations carried out from the seventeenth century to today.

Castelvecchio, originally called Castello di San Martino in Aquaro, is a castle in Verona currently used to house the civic museum, it is the most important military monument of the Scaligera lordship.

The Castel San Pietro is a military building in Verona. The building stands on the San Pietro hill, on an esplanade where a temple connected to the Roman theater stood in Roman times.

Piazza Duomo is a picturesque square located in the historic center of Verona with a rather regular shape: it is roughly a rectangle with one of the short sides dominated by the imposing facade of the Verona Cathedral.

The Duomo of Verona together with the more rearward bell tower is certainly the dominant and most interesting architectural building in the square; it is located on the northeast side of the square.