Mille Miglia Museum

A few kilometers from the center of Brescia, in the monastic complex of Sant’Eufemia della Fonte, founded in 1008, there is the Museum of the most beautiful race in the world: the Mille Miglia.

Open to the public on November 10, 2004, it was born as a response to the need to offer a living testimony of the Mille Miglia, the legendary Brescia car race. The initiative to create a museum dedicated to the Freccia Rossa was desired and implemented by the Museum Association of the Mille Miglia City of Brescia, specially set up by some “friends of the Mille Miglia” and by the Automobile Club of Brescia.

Other elements of attraction are the Tuesday market: Every Tuesday the central streets of the town are filled with stalls, with many products, from typical products, to ready-made delicacies, and many stalls of clothes and accessories.

The museum of the legendary historic car race is located inside the Monastery of Sant'Eufemia, a splendid architectural complex on the outskirts of Brescia.

This splendid position and the historical importance of the places give the Mille Miglia Museum further prestige.

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